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    I just set up a blog and I want to allow some other people to post to it. So, to see how that works I tried adding myself (under a different email address) as an author. What I got was an invitation to set up a blog. I don’t want my co-authors to have to set up their own blogs. Can they just register as authors on my blog without setting up their own blogs?

    The blog I need help with is



    It is necessary to have a account to post on a blog. And Yes they can post to a blog, without setting up a new blog. Ask them to sign up at with the same email you invited and chose last-one of the following options below the sign up form:

    (*) Gimme a blog!
    ( ) Just a username please.

    Gimme a blog will take you to blog signup page and Just a username will finish at the spot. :)

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