Adding admin users is awful!!!

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    I want to set up a blog “”. I set myself up as an admin user (gigaboy), where I have to name a blog, which was no problem. However, adding a second admin user to use this same blog is impossible. I want to add this person to the tigrr8 blog, but the program forces the new user to create their own blog – the new user doesn’t want their own separate blog, just access to tigrr8. Now if I want to delete the blog and start over, I lose the blog name (those I do own the domain name, but according to the rules, I’d have go open source or say goodbye to wordpress). The second user will not tolerate any user name other than “tigrr8”. No exception.

    How can we fix this problem? You should not have to force a secondary user to create a blog though they would never use it. The two of us are tag teaming on this blog so I can help this second user get acclimated to the process.



    I’m wondering how much research you did before posting this. No one “has to take a blog”. There is an option for simply registering a username with wordpress without taking a blog.



    If they do not have a blog and do not want one, they can just sign up at and get the username.

    I did look at this, it still required a sign up for a blog. I the first line – enter a name for a blog (if you enter tigrr8 for the second user, it says it’s already taken). (Of course it’s taken, by me).



    the program forces the new user to create their own blog

    The program does not force them to create a new blog, just an account. When they visit the main page and signup, they’re giving an option to create an account without a blog.

    You’re jumping a head a step. On the page where you type in your requested username and email address is the option to take an account without a blog. From that selection, there’s no requirment to take a blog. If you’re on the “Enter the name for your blog”, you’ve gone past the page you needed to be at.

    The issue is though by already creating the blog ‘tigrr8’, you’ve used the spot for that username. There’s really not a workaround for that as far as I can tell. Feel free to submit a feedback and see if staff can work something out for you.

    Good luck,



    I’ll post this through to the feedback team – I’ve got about a week to let it set. Thanks for your help. Logically it doesn’t make sense that a user name and a blog title can’t be the same (I’m looking at this from a programmer’s perspective – I’m one). For example, there’s probably a blog domain called “”. I would suspect that there are other blogs that may have a user called “jim”.

    As you can see, the team needs to make some useability enhancements to the site (because it sure was confusing to me). There are two different places to click on the home page, each with differing sets of field requirements. And they should fix the language on one or the other to reflect Dr Mike’s comments.



    They can be the same. You just did it out of order and now it won’t work the way you need it to be. For example, I have the blog even though I don’t have the user account kpremixed. That username is now blocked so that someone doesn’t come along and signs up with the kpremixed username and says that the blog is theirs. I do have the drmike account and the drmike wordpress blog though.




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