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Adding ads

  1. Will allow users to put up (text)ads any time soon?

    I would even be willing to pay a annual fee for allowing to add ads.

    Or does such a thing already exists (not the vip accounts!).

  2. Until it is announced in the official blog, I don't think any of us will ever know for sure ;)


  3. I think you can do this, if you are a VIP blog and you get VIP status by paying more, etc.

  4. You can. That costs several hundred dollars to set up and I think $250 per month.

    I really wouldn't hold my breath on the ad upgrade being available any time soon.

    If you have a WP blog on an independent host, however, you can put any ads you want on there. I met a guy who makes $300,000 a year from his blog. But he is absolutely the stereotypical greedy asshole type, so beware of your company in that environment.

  5. today i was thinking about the ads on blogs and how ppl can make money out of it
    this is not possible on wp?? well as i see from your replies it's not unless we pay to have it:S
    so bad
    well, my first blog is on wp so i don't know about other blogs, but is it possible to add ads without paying on other blogs (blogger, blogspot..)???

  6. You can do it on blogger/blogspot. In fact, blogger/blogspot is owned by Google, so adding AdSense there should be pretty easy.

  7. Blogger and blogspot are the same thing, and yes, you can have ads on them. It's possible on an independently-hosted WordPress blog as well.

    As a blogger who makes a living from advertising, however, I will tell you that unless you're getting over 500 pageviews a day it is probably not really worth it. And this is just my aesthetic opinion but Google Adsense immediately tells the world you're penny ante and cheap.

  8. how must does the independently hosted wp blog cost?? is it the one at 30$/year??

    my blog started like 4 days ago and am having around 100visitor/day
    so if i can make it more popular to get more visitors , it would be interesting to have ads that can make me make money

  9. It depends who you get to host it.

  10. is't wordpress who host our blog if we pay a certain sum of money/year?

    i thought we can pay like 30$/year and they give us a domain name without wp in it and host it for us
    or are those 2 different things?

  11. if you have as your host, even with your own domain, you cannot have ads. You have to have a separate host and then download and install the wordpress software in order to have ads.

  12. Google ads are useless unless you get thousands of visitors a day. Most make more money by seeking out individual sponsors.

  13. Getting a domain name or ANY other upgrade doesn't allow you to run ads. The only upgrade that allows you to run ads is the VIP upgrade which costs thousands of dollars a year.

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