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    I’m trying to add an archive page to I know that the author of the Ocean Mist theme has created an archive template page, but there doesn’t seem to be an option to use that template (or any other template, for that matter) where all the FAQs, discussion posts, etc., say it should be. Can anyone tell me how to add an archive or if I even can?

    Thanks in advance.


    The version of Ocean Mist used here at does not have the page templates. The only one I know of that does have it is Mistylook.



    I’m not sure this is true for all themes here on, but go to Write>Page> and give your new Page a title like “Archive” or somesuch.

    Don’t write a word on that page but scroll down to “Advanced Options” and you’ll see “Page Template”. Open the drop down menu and select “Archives”. Save and preview your page and hopefully you’ll have an archive page showing your Posts by date and by Category.



    TSP-then Cutline as well. Not sure about others. It would have to be looked into. :)



    Back again, The Journalist does not have the “archive” page option, so it does differ from theme to theme.


    Thanks for the answers, folks. I would love to hear from the staff about why they are not including an archive for this theme when the theme itself ships with an archive template.


    jj & tsp: Apparently the archive template is not such a rarity – I also found it in Black Letterhead, Chaos Theory, Chaotic Soul and Day Dream (and I only checked the first page of themes).



    @michaelfeldstein-in light of what panaghiotisadam has said, I’d be sending feedback via your Dashboard requesting the archive page be added to Ocean Mist. It might have just been overlooked.

    And I really want to compliment you on the excellent use of the Gallery feature. :) One tiny suggestion, if you don’t mind? Since these images are for web display only, upload the large images at the size they are going to be displayed, ie 750 pixels high x 500 pixels wide. You’ll save a *huge* amount of storage space and people viewing the Attachment pages won’t have to wait so long for the image to load.


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