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    Right now I just have my email addy posted in a text widget on the side, but what’s the easiest way to ad a clickable link or a short form? Any way?


    Should look something like this:

    <a href="mailto:(email redacted)">Contact me!</a>

    But that leaves your email open to spammers. I’d suggest creating a nifty tag using a tag generator, and posting that tag in the widget.

    good luck!



    @thereflectiveteacher – doesn’t that still leave you open to spam, since you have to include your email address in the HTML with the image? Just curious



    It’s my understanding that the best way to post an email address is through the use of an email image generator. This is because spam bots cannot read it.


    Some bots can read images, but I was never overly spammed when I just used the image provided in the link above. The image that’s produced in the link above doesn’t link back to anything, so the email address isn’t anywhere on your page except in the image itself. The email address isn’t even in the source code of your page unless you link the image to your address (or provide a link like I did with the code above).

    These days I use my own image and I use the HTML code above, and I still don’t get an awful lot of spam. (Then again, my blog isn’t visited by an awful lot of people, so I don’t run much of a risk)



    Thanks for the update on that. I also use an image that is not linked to anything.



    Ok, thanks for letting me know ;-)


    Hope I’m right. :)

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