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    I am attempting to add a gallery in slideshow form. I went to Settings, Media, where I should have been able to choose to enable carousel gallery, but there is nothing available like that to me. AllI have on my page is image sizes and uploading images options.

    The blog I need help with is



    Are you following this guide?
    I find this site to be helpful with all gallery related issues



    When you want to add an image gallery, you do so from within the Post or Page where you want it to appear, following the Support doc instructions that tt has linked to in her reply.

    Having your Gallery photos display in the Image Carousel when a visitor clicks on one of the Gallery images is the default action on, unless you disable the Carousel under Dashboard>Settings>Media>Image Gallery Carousel.

    If you don’t see the Image Gallery Carousel check box setting under Settings>Media, please take a screenshot and upload it to your site’s Media Library so that Staff can have a look at it.



    Tx for the assist. :)



    Welcome, tt. But I can see I’ve made an error.

    @stengerscript – The Gallery slideshow setting works a little differently than the other Gallery types.

    You don’t need to concern yourself with the Image Carousel, because when you insert a Gallery by selecting the Slideshow type Gallery, your images will be displayed in the viewer that is embedded in your Post or Page.

    See more here:

    If by chance you are talking about the Slider which is a part of the “Ever After” theme you are using, then please read these instructions from the theme’s Showcase page:

    Featured Post Slider
    Featuring posts in a slider on your home page is easy. You just need sticky posts with Featured Images. Every sticky post you have (up to ten posts) that has a Featured Image (at least 850 pixels wide, 400pixels height) attached will show up in the scrolling marquee.

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