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Adding an image header - step by step help needed please!

  1. elizabethhalford

    Hello! I am desperate to change a couple things on my blog as it is the main site for my business. I have NO CLUE bout this CSS thing and would love step by step help to do 2 things:

    Change the width of the posts on the left about 20% larger
    Add a png header of my logo instead of the text header that's there

    That's all I need to do to make it look less amateurish. Really need to add my logo. Thank you in advance to whomever helps me out!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you want help with an independently-hosted blog, you'll have to ask at Those blogs do work differently from ours.

  3. @ elizabethhalford, we need a link to your blog please.

    @homecomputertipspdq, Whether a theme has a custom header option or not is the theme designers choice and that is true for the themes here at wordpress.COM as well as for themes designed for self-hosted blogs.

    To add a header to a theme that does not have a custom header option, you have to have CSS editing experience and you have to incorporate one into the CSS. This can be easy if the CSS for the theme is straight forward, or it can be more difficult, but it can be done.

    Your choices with the self-hosted blog are to either find another theme with a custom header option, learn some CSS and add it to the theme you are using, or pay someone to do it for you if you do not want to do it yourself.

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