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adding an image to sidebar for a newbie

  1. please can someone give me a full and,




    guide as to how i can get an image on my sidebar. i can get the text 1 widget in my sidebar widget, and i add the code as seen in the wordpress instructions, but i get nothing.

    can someone give me an idiots guide to putting an image in the sidebar, please?

  2. Is there nothing in the FAQ?

    I know, you probably haven't seen it before, but I think there's something in there for it.

  3. put this tag in your text widget

    < img src="urlofimage" alt="nameofimage" / >
    (close the spaces between < and >)

    save your sidebar and that should appear no problems.

  4. thankyou! it worked, but can you give me the code to link it to another website, with the link that opens in a new window?

    that would be great help! thanks once again.

  5. < a href="url" target="_blank">name< /a >

    insert the above tag i gave into "url", should work.

  6. I'VE GOT IT.


    PART 1 <(PURPOSE SPACE)a href="EXTERNALURL" target="_blank"(PURPOSE SPACE)>

    PART 2 <img src='URLOFIMAGE' alt='IMAGENAME' />

    link PART 1 and PART 2 together, and fill in the relevant information. take the (PURPOSE SPACE) out.

  7. You forgot part three, the trailing </a> mark to close off the link. :)

  8. SURE! sorry,

    the second part should look like this;


    once again take out the purpose space.

  9. Skipping the spaces, the code would look like the following:

    <a href="" title="matthrew's blog"><img src="" alt="a picture of matthew" /></a>

    Hope this helps,

  10. To display code here in the forums, place it between backticks, the key above the tab key on a PC keyboard. It's mentioned at the bottom of the page. :)

  11. thanks guys. tried the backsticks but the code didn't show up as it should.

  12. ` <- Back ticks look like these. What you had up there wasn't a backtick. Maybe you're on a Mac. :)

  13. yep you've caught me, i've got an imac.

  14. how do I resize the photo?i've uploaded a photo into my sidebar but it's HUGE.

  15. Themes have a rule sometimes how big an image before it repositions your sidebar to the bottom (hard lesson I learned)

    Resize in PShop or some other image editor first if I were you.

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