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    Hello, I have learned how to add a guest author, and have done so. But I am very confused about the order and how the process will work. I want to input a small intro into my guest authors post at the top. But when is this done? Is it after she writes, but does not hit publish?

    Also I have another guest author post in the future. I will write the article but the guest will upload the photos and add tips. Again, I am very confused what is the best way to acheive productivity? (other than adding them as a user, because thats the only part I understand)

    Ill gladly read any helpfull posts and tips on the matter.

    The blog I need help with is


    but a step by step walk through would be MOST appreciated. Thank you.



    Did you make these guest authors official users of your blog or not? If you did and it sounds that way then go to the support documentation.

    Note this >

    As an Admin you can edit any post and provide an introduction. You do that the same way you do when editing your own posts. No special instructions are required.

    P.S. I do not ever make a guest author and official user of my blog. They send their posts by email to me rather than me giving they any Admin access.


    hmm, i have read all these. I have made them official authors as word press says they can only do things with their own posts. So I dont see any negative reasons not to do this. (but Im new) I was hoping you had some topics that covered related issues?

    I assume then by what what you say, I should tell my guests simply not to hit the publish button. But to let me do that?

    From a guest authors point of view, Do you think it is simpler for them to be an author or would they prefer to do it by your email method? Im hoping to draw on your experience as I know you often feature guest posts. Yes everyone is different, but collectively, I think you must have some thoughts on the matter?

    and thanks for your reply.


    oh and Im about to search your blog too. Ill use the term guest.

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