Adding an invisible dashed boarder for spacing purposes…

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    I am rebuilding my site after it getting deleted before. I am trying to design my grid layout of my products and I am wondering how to make an equal sized dashed boarder around the products that is invisible when the page is viewed and used for spacing purposes to set up my page.

    See the link below for how the design looks…
    Please help me if you know the HTML for this….


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    Please provide a link to the site you are asking about:


    I have a coming soon page up which is rather tedious to remove…


    Someone help me please


    Please read @1tess‘s comment. We need a link to the site you are talking about please. We can’t do anything without that. We don’t know what theme you are using, or what other customizations you have done, or even if the site is hosted here.



    I take it by your comment I won’t be able to receive help here since my site is independently hosted….



    You are correct – this forum is only for support of sites hosted on WordPress.COM – you probably need to head over to WordPress.ORG for help

    #1192244 rejected me too. and the theme authors never reply to emails so I guess I’m stuck.


    I just don’t understand why someone can’t give me what seems to be simple code. I’m new to wordpress so this is one thing I cannot figure out. I just need whats pictured so I can copy and paste the code as I go on.


    Things here work differently and CSS is theme specific and we are not familiar, nor do we have access to themes used on WordPress.ORG sites. I could give you 200 different CSS solutions, and it is nearly 100% certain that they would not work for you.

    The people at are better equipped to help with all the different themes that are used, but they are also going to have to be able to look at your site to see what you have done and to be able to figure out what code to give you.

    This is sort of like walking into a Volkswagen service department and wanting them to tell you how to fix your Mazda.


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    We could give you all sorts of answers here in these forums, but they would not be of any use to you. We can help only with questions. We volunteers here don’t have much expertise with other platforms.

    Perhaps your question on the wp.ORG forum was not specific or descriptive enough? Some wp.ORG themes have better support than others. At any rate, those are your alternatives.


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    @thesacredpath: refresh refresh refesh when will I learn! Good evening to you!



    And WordPress.ORG will not help with blogs hosted here – so it balances out – and your site needs to be live usually to get help also – I found that out the hard way on a developmental project I was working on a PC installed version of WordPress – no help until I moved the theme onto a site on the web


    I had it live over there as well for a bit until they told me to come to these forums. Regardless I’ve been trying to figure this out for a week and so far no one is willing to help me. I get it that the answer may not be easy because of the styling and such its just getting frustrating that I don’t know the answer and I can’t find anyone willing to sit down and help me out. Guess I’ll have to throw out some money and outsource something so trivial to the wordpress people in the middle east on another site.

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