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    I was wondering if there is an SSL certificate I can purchase for my website. It is currently set to private but when it goes live readers will be submitting information. Therefore if I believe correctly it is law that my site be secure from hackers, etc. who can access their information. How secure are wordpress sites and can anyone recommend where to buy an SSL certificate and how to add it to my site.
    Thanks any help would be appreciated :)

    The blog I need help with is



    How secure are wordpress sites

    I guess the official answer should be obvious. They are as secure as possible. All the security measures taken thus far like not allowing JS or HTML codes on Forums should be indicative of how secure WP is!!!.

    As to your other matters like where to buy SSL certificates etc, I guess your registrar should be your first “port of call”. However, how are you going to incorporate it on WP blogs is something I don’t know because there isn’t much you can do on these blogs.

    WP started a free service and it is only recently, slowly but surely, they are developing it as a true business model to monetize all the 75 million people currently using the system.

    Hope this proves useful but I am sure you will get somebody who will have a different answer to mine..



    Thank you for your reply. I feel secure with WP, it’s whether or not the public will feel safe submitting information to me via it. If that makes sense :)

    My site should be live by the end of the week in which readers will be submitting stories to me, I just want to ensure my site won’t get hacked and the information they provide will be safe and secure. This is why I was curious about a SSL certificate, but now I am curious if I can use it on my site, as I am using the the free version of WP. I bought a domain but have not paid for the upgrade. I am thinking that’s now another question.


    Information they give you, that you post on the site, is only a copy/paste away from someone taking it. That is the reality of the web. Content theft is a real problem, and one that doesn’t have an easy solution, and SSL does not change that in the least.


    Bottom line: If you don’t want something stolen, DON’T put it on the web.



    @thesacredpath – yes that is the sad reality of posting content on the web, however this information/content will be sent to me via a WP contact form. I just want a way of ensuring that when they submit their information via that form it is secure…does that make sense?


    The contact form is secure, you don’t have to worry about that end of things.

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