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    I’ve just recently set up a blog here ( and added some links to my blogroll. I changed my mind after adding one of them as it’s a blog of someone I know personally and I decided I wanted to be more anonymous than that, so I deleted it.

    Will they have received notification that I linked to them, even though it was very briefly (it’s a self-hosted site, using the wordpress download I think)? I assume yes, but I’m not sure…




    Yes, if they’re smart they will be able to tell. If they are not AND nobody clicked through that link to their blog, then possibly not.


    Well, they are smart, but nobody would have clicked through to their site in the time that the link was up, so…maybe I’m lucky. Maybe I should suggest a warning pop-up when one first adds links…

    Thanks for your quick and helpful reply.



    You will not get that warning pop-up happening if your blog is on

    You’d be surprised. I had a post up for TWENTY SECONDS and in that time someone posted it to Stumbleupon and 487 people read it. I kid you not.

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