Adding and Removing Photos into a Gallery

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    Hi there!

    Right, so, I haven’t figured it out yet, and it’s driving me up the walls…here’s what I want to do:

    A few pictures
    Text some more
    A few more pictures

    Hopefully you get the idea…adding pictures individually seems ardous, even worse when they ARE uploaded, which is oddly counter-intuitive. Ppresently, I am able to add images individually via: ADD NEW IMAGE->MEDIA LIBRARY->SHOW->INSERT INTO POST

    Unfortunately, not only is it time consuming, but the photos appear to be even worse to manipulate their positions than in Microsoft Word 97. Everytime I want to move them to create a mini-gallery, the photos muck up the text wrapping them.

    I have before added a gallery…however, I cannot figure out how to add photos to a gallery, or remove them from a gallery. Furthermore, the only way I appear to be able to affect galleries is in the rather clunky “Add New Photo” screen. Lastly, I want to have a few galleries within the body of text, rather than one at the end…

    Is this possible? Should I be instead uploading from an external site and linking through URL’s? Any suggestions?



    Perhaps, what could help me is figuring out the URL’s for the pictures in the WordPress Library.

    Does anyone know what they might be? I figured http://<name&gt;<image.type>, but was wrong….does anyone know?


    – Dave


    What you want to do then, is NOT use the gallery. The gallery is designed to insert a bunch of pictures in a grid pattern. There is no way to add text in and around photos inserted via the gallery.

    If you have already uploaded the images, then what you want to do is insert them one-by-one from the media library tab on the “add an image” window.


    This FAQ has not been updated for the new user interface, but it will give you a good idea of how to insert images from the media library and when you first upload them.


    – You can find the URL of your uploaded images via Add an Image > Media Library > Show.

    – Inserting images uploaded in an external site also works (but if the site takes long to load, then your blog page will too).

    – Independent images are not hard to manipulate, but it takes some experimenting and getting used to it. It has to do with the alignment you choose, possibly also with setting “div” tags. For fancy arrangements you need html coding for tables. If you are a PC user, that’s easier in Windows Live Writer.

    – To add a new image to an existing gallery, you just upload it in the post the normal way. To remove an image from a gallery, Add an Image > Gallery > Show > Delete (note that it gets permanently deleted from your Media Library).

    – tsp is not exactly right that “there is no way to add text in and around photos inserted via the gallery”.

    For wrap-around text with a gallery see here:

    For two or more galleries in a post see here:
    (There you will also find the link to the best info on galleries.)

    – But two or more galleries in a post is rather complicated, so tsp is right that if you want several groups of images alternating with text, independent images are a better choice.

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