Adding another column to Contempt template?

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    If I have the comtempt template and upgrade the css, can I add another column on the left side?



    When you have the CSS upgrade, you can create just about anything you want, but be advised that it is not a simple drop and drag thing. CSS is all code and it is recommended to users who already know CSS as it is not supported. If you do some searching around on CSS in the forums, there are plenty of links on learning it, but it would be up to you at that point.



    everything trent says is spot on.

    additionally, you can’t add elements in CSS. you can only modify their appearance. so technically, you can’t add a 3rd column to contempt. but you can make sandbox (or some other 3 column theme) look like contempt.

    you can fake out a sidebar column to look like 2 columns by making it twice as wide, but that only makes a 3rd column on the same side, not the opposite side.



    Thank you both for your responses.

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