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Adding another text box?

  1. I currently have one text box in my sidebar but there is no option showing additional ones that I can drag from below to the sidebar. I'm not sure how to 'create' one so that I can drag it to the sidebar. My site is this one, just for reference: When I'm in widgets, I can't see any other commands to make more text boxes, but perhaps it varies depending on the theme? Thanks for any help. :)

  2. -> Presentation -> Widgets
    Scroll down almost to the bottom of the page to find this
    Text Widgets
    How many text widgets would you like? ___
    Fill in the number and click "save". The maximum is 9 text widgets.
    Once you create a text widget it appears in the Available widgets box. Drag and drop it into the Sidebar widget box. Click the icon (blue and white) and fill in the contents.
    Click the X to close the widget and click "Save Changes".

  3. Thanks so much! Duh = me. ;) I can't believe my eyes missed that option at the bottom. :)

  4. No problem. I'm glad I could help. :)

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