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    I’ve tried using a text widget to create “Archive Favorites,” where I can plug in four or five of my favorite posts at the top of my sidebar long after they disappear from the “Recent Posts” heading. (I’ve seen this on other blogs but can’t figure it out.)

    I’d also like to add other topics, like websites (not blogs) related to my topic. So, wih these 2 goals in mind, here’s my questions:

    1) Is the text widget the best/only way to do this?

    2) When I do it via text widget, how do I separate each entry so they post titles don’t run together?

    And most important…

    3) How can I get the same light colored background found on Categories, Blogroll, Recent Posts, etc. It looks funny hanging there in white. (It looks so funny I’ve taken it off until I can figure this out.)

    I’ve tried to read through the forums (and the many on sidebars in general) but don’t see anything on point to this. Any suggestions?

    I’d really appreciate it!



    (1) Yes, text widgets are the only way you can do this. But do be aware that text widgets do not automatically update so you will have to enter each post into the widget manually. And this will help with the set up and configuring of text and other widgets.
    (2) You separate the entries in a text widget using html coding breaks <br/>.
    (3) The gray background colour in this Pressrow theme is theme dependent. The only way you can change it is to purchase a css customization upgrade and customize the css coding yourself. This option is not recommended for those who do not have experience with css coding. There is no staff support for learning css but other bloggers will help when they are available on a voluntary basis.
    There are three ways to “personalize” wordpress blogs and they are explained in this thread
    (4) I’m not clear on what you mean by this:
    “I’d also like to add other topics, like websites (not blogs) related to my topic.”
    If by “topics” you mean Categories then you can have as many categories as you choose and you enter them here => Manage => Categories => Add Categories.
    If you mean links then you can have as many as you want and you enter them here => Blogroll => Add Links. The link I provided above for text widgets will also help you set up your Categories widget and your Links widget in your sidebar.
    (5) Lastly I looked at your blog and have some advice to offer. It’s good to be mindful that if you place large images, youtubes, etc. in your posts and you do not limit the number of posts on your front page then your blog will take a very long time to load. This will not be a good thing for readers on dial-up service (25%). You can limit the number of posts appearing on your front page here => Options => Reading now look for:
    Blog Pages
    Show at most: __posts (enter the number and click “update options” to save the changes).
    (6) If the foregoing information is not helpful then please post again and another blogger will assist you.
    Welcome to WordPress and Happy blogging :)


    You can get ideas from my side on my blog. Took me a while to figure how to add features an stuff.

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