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    Do I have to upgrade in order to add audio files to my posts? If not, how do I do it? When I follow the obvious steps (Add media, audio, choose) I get an Error Code that this type of file is not allowed.

    The blog I need help with is


    No, you don’t need an upgrade. If you want to add audio to your blog, get an account at something like FileDen, upload the MP3 there, and use the WordPress shortcodes to place it on your site… it’s easy:

    The code will look something like this”




    Thanks for responding. But I went to File Den and couldn’t see anything to indicate how that would help. Admittedly, I am somewhat technologically challenged, but it looked to me like an online storage site. Am I missing something?


    …you can either pay for the upgrade and use WordPress to host your files, or you can host them at a free service such as FileDen. The only difference is the price and the URL of your file.

    Create a free / basic account at FileDen, upload your mp3 there, take the URL they give you* and paste it into the code I gave you, put the code into your post or into a widget in your sidebar.

    *it will look something like this:

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