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Adding audio files from Audioboo

  1. Audioboo is a website that hosts audio files. I used to be able to use [ audio ] with the link to the audioboo page inside in my posts. A little grey audio player would appear on the page. Here is an example:
    In the past, there was an audio player on that page. Now it says "download" with a link to the audioboo webpage. Another example is this page:
    This page used to have an audio player on it and now there is nothing.

    I just tried posting audio in my most recent post with the same results.

    Did the rules for posting audio players change? How can I post an audio player in a blog post? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The WP audio player shortcode works with URLs of mp3 files. You've probably been using URLs like this:
    That's not an mp3 URL, it's the URL of a webpage. The right URL in Audioboo's case is this:

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