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    Hi guys. I’ve tried searching the forum without any luck – hope you can help!

    I’ve just started a blog and I’d like there to be a part of the page that links to the profiles of the blog authors. It’s quite a large team and I’d like everyone to get recognition.

    Is there a setting for this? it’s quite common for blogs to have author bios, but I haven’t worked out how to do this on

    Thanks in advance,




    Isn’t that what your About page is for? Usually that’s where all the bios go.

    What I mean is your blog is in one place, but there’s another web page that comes automatically with your blog, called About and it’s in your sidebar already. All you have to do is go in and edit the text.



    Agreed. Add in a Page (Dashboard -> Write -> Write Page) with the info.



    Another option would be to create a seperate page for each person. Depending on how much information you plan on giving about each one would determine if this option is neccesary.

    Another option would be to make a seperate post for each person and put all of those posts into a catagory titled”Auther Bios”. Each oerson could therefore write their own bio.

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