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Adding automatic text when sharing with Twitter and FB

  1. stephenliddell

    Is there a way when publicising and sharing automatic updates with Facebook and Twitter to insert text before the link so it makes more sense to possible readers?

    If I manually tweet a page a text box appears and I can write a short introduction before the link but I can't seem to get this to happen automatically when sharing.

    Thanks for any help.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Manually posting is the only way to achieve this. It can't be done if you are using Publicize.

  3. stephenliddell

    Thank you for you help and quick reply. What brilliant service :-)

  4. You're welcome. Note also that most of us are annoyed by autoposted duplicated content that's spammed throughout social networks. It's impersonal and doesn't compel one to click in. That's why manually posting unique snippets is becoming a more effective way of promoting blog posts.

  5. stephenliddell

    Yes I am new to blogging and the social networks and when I tried my first auto publicise it occurred to me that it wasn't looking very good so I have now deactivated that feature!

  6. Best wishes to you for successful blog promotion.

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