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Adding badges to sidebar

  1. I am wanting to add one of these badges to my sidebar can someone help me with how I do this. I rightclick but can't find the URL.

    thanks in advance

  2. What badges?

  3. oops
    I am trying to add the brown one. Most of the people use blogspot but there are a couple using wordpress.

  4. What you are trying to do is place an image in your sidebar and here are the instructions

  5. I don't think blogspot allows hotlinking on images so you will have to download it and then upload it to wordpress. You would then get the URL of the uploaded badge by going to manage > uploads and then clicking on the image a copying the URL of the image.

    Note: The badges are too wide to go in the sidebar widgets and will have to be resized before you upload them in an image editing program.

    Insert the image URL between the quote marks where it says img src=. Insert the URL of the site or page you want it linked to between the quote marks after href=

    <a href="http://pagelinkhere"><img src="http://imagelinkhere" alt="" title="" /> </a>

    If you want the badge centered, use this:

    >p align="center"><a href="http://pagelinkhere"><img src="http://imagelinkhere" alt="" title="" /> </a></p>

  6. @tsp
    I think I'm seeing double sets of quotation marks
    alt="" title=""

  7. The alt and title text goes between them. If there is nothing between them then it ignores them.

    One note for future visitors to this thread. The alt='s has to be in the html otherwise strange things can happen. It doesn't have to have anything between the quote marks, but it has to be there to comply with W3C standards.

  8. Well said. :)

  9. thanks guys will go try it out now.

  10. YES you guys are a legend thanks so much.

  11. You're welcome from me and happy blogging.

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