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    I’m still pretty new, sorry if my phrasing is off…

    I have a sort of “mini-menu” I’ve constructed with html to connect a series of pages together which is just the page links spaced out with a sold background behind them…

    I now want to add another link to the mini-menu so I have to go through each individual page and copy and past the new link onto each mini-menu… which will work but is time consuming.

    Is there a way to add something to my CSS so I can say “insert html for Come September” onto a page and makes changes that html through CSS so I only have to do it once?

    The blog I need help with is


    CSS is a styling document. You cannot use HTML or scripting type languages in it. Your only choice at wordpress.COM is to continue as you have been doing and update things manually.



    It would be possible to add this menu to a text widget and then style and position it so it only shows up on certain pages with CSS. This way you can add links to the text widget once and not have to check them on every page, just add the new page ID into the CSS. However this is probably over-complicating things and would involve you going back and modifying all the pages at least once anyway.

    A better work-around would be to have one page for Come September, include all the content on that one page and then use page jumps in your navigation with a “back to top” link at the bottom of every section.

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