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    i have an account. i want to add a wordpress site/blog. every single way i try to do this, the only option is to ‘add a domain’. i don’t want a domain. i want if i go into my account and use add a site, step two is always ‘add a domain’. i’ve tried starting over from the front page and you can’t seem to create an anymore?! i don’t want [premium. i don’t want a domain. i just want a blog at why is this so difficult now????

    The blog I need help with is


    that is the not the blog i need help with! that last line was auto added by wordpress, which is not cool. for starters, you’re wrong. second, that move could potentially reveal info people didn’t want revealed. that blog is old and deleted. i can’t even find where you still have that info connected to my account.


    btw, i’ve read through help. that info is outdated/doesn’t work. e.g. this:
    if you go to start, step two is add a domain.
    and the second part, those menus don’t appear like that with options like that anymore / in my account. every option for add a blog/wesite/etc, always goes to a step to add a domain.


    is wordpress dead? does anybody work here?

    i can not get the most basic service at the site to work – set up a blog/site. i have tried “adding a site” to my account, but the only option is always step two “add a domain”. i’ve tried starting a new account fresh and the same – all options go through “add a domain”. i’ve read the help pages, but some of the functions they show don’t appear/exist anymore (dated) and those that do do not function like they show – they go to “add a domain. i’ve tried in different browsers (edge, avast chrome, android on my phone).

    nothing works. how is this page not filled with people asking why they can’t start/set-up a wordpress blog? how is it just me? all i want is a free and NOT a domain/paid one. does that not exist anymore?

    what is going on?!?!?!?




    That is a site that you have had suspended please read: Suspended Blogs and Sites

    You may wish to read these:

    Mistakes can be made but we are asked not to discuss or to encourage any discussion of these private matters on the public support forums. Our role is to direct to the relevant support doc, and request that Support Staff close the thread, as only Terms of Service Staff have authority in these cases.

    Please do not continue to post here and do not create additional threads regarding suspended sites. This thread is tagged for closure.



    i can not get the most basic service at the site to work – set up a blog/site. i have tried “adding a site” to my account

    This is the WordPress.COM (not WordPress.ORG) username account you are logged in under and it does not appear that you registered any sites under it.

    This WordPress.COM username account does not exist

    Neither does this one

    Which WordPress.COM username account registered the suspended site at is a question that a Volunteer cannot answer so I tagged this thread for Staff assistance.

    Have you changed usernames?



    When logged in under this username account you ought to be able to use this support doc: Signing Up for Your First site

    However if you want to add another site ie. register it under another username account then you will need to clear your browser cache and cookies prior to logging into another account and doing this:
    Adding a New Site or Blog to an Existing Account


    thanks for the responses … kinda. your first two weren’t addressing my issue. i know nothing about punchtravel, it’s not in my account at all, and am not trying anything regarding it. i don’t know where it came from. you’ll see in my second post (1:14AM EST) i asked what that was . complained about it being auto added to my post by wordpress. this account is old, 2009. i have no idea what it was back then or punchtravel and that blog does not show up anywhere in my account so i don’t even know what it is or how it’s connected to me (anonuserposting). your first two responses are dealing with this and so weren’t helpful because i said in my second post i don’t what that is and i have no site/blog in my account.

    your third post attempts to address the issue, but it repeats something i already tried and doesn’t work. that’s the point of my complaint. (see my third post at 1:21AM EST).

    i mentioned the same link you posted and said it’s not working for some reason. that’s my whole point/problem. if i go to that link and follow instructions for “Signing Up for Your First site”, then it goes to step 1 which is choose a type (e.g. blog, site, etc). then step 2 is CHOOSE A DOMAIN?!?! there is no option to pick a blog name at like the article says. there is no other option except “go back”.

    if i follow the instructions for “Adding a New Site or Blog to an Existing Account”, there is no step 3. it doesn’t exist for me. doing step 2 takes me to the exact same place as step 1 under “Signing Up for Your First site”.

    i’ve tried on different browsers (as stated in my fourth post) and through a vpn to see if it was a browser functionality issue or IP or cookies issue. that didn’t solve it. it’s a loop, where there is no option to create a blog/site at the only option i get is always “choose a domain”. it’s maddening.



    thanks for the responses … kinda. your first two weren’t addressing my issue. i know nothing about punchtravel, it’s not in my account at all, and am not trying anything regarding it. i don’t know where it came from.

    The first thing we Volunteers have to ascertain is the URL of the site referred to and exactly which wordpress.COM username account registered the site. Therefore I clicked the link provided by the software in original post and connected to a suspended site.

    Staff will take care of that when they respond here.



    As you have tried to register a site with a subdomain URL under the anonuserposting username account and have failed Staff will also have to deal with that when they work their way forward to this thread.

    Sorry I was not able to help. Please be patient while waiting.


    thanks for the attempt. i appreciate it.
    i don’t understand how it could be happening just to me. if it’s happening to everyone, i would think the forum would be flooded.
    using this account there is no option to add a blog at; if i go to a new browser and try to start a new account and blog, it’s still the same thing. how’s that possible?
    can you recreate this? if you try to add a site, does it show the option to add one at because everytime, everyway i try, the next step is to add a domain and no option to create one at!
    i would screencap to show, but i don’t see an option to attach anything in this forum.



    Screenshots can be very helpful. You can use or to share screenshots and link to them here.



    Let’s cover all the bases so when Staff get here they are aware of your operating system and browser specifics.

    Please act on all the tips here first.

    • Make sure you are running an up to date browser version found at
    • Make sure you have both JavaScript and third party cookies enabled
    • Disable any adblocker browser add-ons and all browser extensions and adons.
    • Try clearing your browser cache
    • Try using another browser.

    Post this specific please:
    (a) Exactly what kind of device you are using to connect to the internet and to
    (b) Exactly which browser (and version of it) you’re using by checking here if necessary


    i’ve tried three browsers (Edge 14 and Chrome 58 on Windows 10 Pro and Chrome 39 on Android 5.1) and from three diff IPs (mine, a VPN’s, and my phone’s). i don’t see how it’s a browser compatibility issue or cookies or IP issue. Javascript’s enabled.

    will post a screencap summary in minute.


    a screencap summary in jpg form is here: is like the links you gave, except you don’t have to sign up for an account, you can just drop a file in and it gives you a link to share to it.



    Hi @anonuserposting, the problem is that you have a previous suspension on your account. Please work with our TOS team to resolve that, as you won’t be able to register a new site with a suspension on your account.



    @anonuserposting I’m closing this thread while you sort out the TOS issue. Thanks :)

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