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    While I figure out how to transfer by blog posts from my Serendipity blog, I have another question – is there a way to add stuff to the side bar, like html code for my blogrolls, etc???



    Under presentation > widgets, you can put different widget into your sidebar. The blogroll widget is actually called “links” (I wish they would either stick with one name or the other). You add links under blogroll > add links. By default, all entries you make under blogroll will be in the blogroll category. If you want to separate your links into blogroll and links for example, create and assign categories to the different links on the add links page. Then in your widget, they will be separated and displayed under those category names.

    html code, images and such can be added to text widgets. Once you drag the text widget up to the “sidebar” pane, click on the icon on the right end of the text widget and a window will open where you can add a title and also the html and such. If you need more text widgets, scroll down on presentation > widgets and increase the number of text widgets and click save.


    I’m trying to build my blogroll/links list but I’m getting a “There are no options for this widget” message. I had a feeling that this change (.com 2.5 or whatever it’s being called) so I didn’t try to do anything with my widgets until today.

    I’m using Simpla.

    I thought a workaround might be to just build it in a text widget, but I’m not sure if links are allowed. I haven’t read the FAQ or anything on what is allowed in a text widget and what isn’t. That would be my next step (if I find out that my links widget won’t be fixed).

    Thanks for any help.


    Nevermind…I see that it doesn’t work like other widgets…doh!


    I have the blogroll widget, and I’ve figured out how to add my own blog to my blogroll (ACK!) but now I can’t figure out how to delete it. I understand how to add random wordpress blogs, but how do I add blogspot blogs or blogs from other services? I’m at


    Go to manage > links, click the checkbox to the left of the link you wish to delete and then click the delete button at the upper left.

    To add other blogs, you will need the URL (internet address) of the blog and then on the page I referenced, there is an “add new” link at the top of the page. Paste the URL address into the URL field and then give it a name, assign a category if you wish and you save it.


    Thanks bunches! I really appreciate your prompt help — and your great directions!

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