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Adding blogs to my blogroll?

  1. I just added a "Blogroll" page to my blog. I want to be able to add people's blogs I enjoy reading there as links. So I have two questions: 1.) How do I add someone's blog to my blogroll? 2.) How do I get their websites to appear as links on my "Blogroll" page? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Go to your Dashboard > Links > Add New

    Now follow easy steps and add whatever links you want. They'll all show up in your blogroll.

  3. Ok, I did that and added one person's blog, but it didn't show up anywhere on my site? Where is it supposed to appear? It says it was added and appears in the list under links in my dashboard, but no where on my actual blog. Suggestions?

  4. If you place the Links widget in your sidebar it will display the Links you have entered and assigned to Categories. Please see here >

  5. Ok, yes I just saw that post and did that. It did appear in my sidebar, but if you go to my blog and see how across the top I have "Home" "About Me" "Blogroll".. is there anyway to get my blogroll to go on that page instead of my homepage on the side bar?

  6. When I used this theme in the past what I did was place the Links widget in the sidebar temporarily. Then I went to the front page of the blog and copied the links displayed by the widget and I pasted them into the static page I created using the Visual editor and published the static page. Of course I had to update that page as new links were added and old ones were removed.

    Now I believe you could try using the Custom menus option for adding custom links but it doesn't look as easy as the copy paste technique to me. See here >

  7. Ok, great! Thanks so much!

  8. You're welcome. After you have done the copying and pasting to the Blogroll page you can remove the Links widget form your sidebar. :)

  9. putereortodoxa

    How can i add a blogroll ?

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