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    Is it possible to add the widget to a specific page on my blog? I want to provide some tools for download purposes that will be password protected. I don’t want to have them available to people unless they are granted the password. I thought possibly adding the embed code to a page post would be the ideal solution. I quickly found out that I cannot do that. I’m new to all of this, but have been figuring things out quite quickly. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thank you! ~Lisa



    Hi there,

    the widget is a widget which by the meaning of it is placed in the sidebar.

    Whilst I’m not familiar with at all, is it not possible to just post a link to your account on the protected page?



    Here’s the FAQs entry
    It’s my understanding that widgets cannot be “installed” in posts or pages, only in sidebars, and I’ll rely on staff to correct me if I’m wrong.

    If I am correct then what carocat suggests “just post a link to your account on the protected page” will be the only option that I can see.

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