Adding Categories – no permission?????

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    When I try to add categories it states that I do not have permission to do that, but I am doing it according to the instructions??? Thanks!



    Do you have Administrator status on this blog?


    I just created it and I must admit I am new to this but I think I read the insturctions on how to get started but I must assume that the short answer is no? How do I get Administrator status?



    As you just created the blog and if you are the only blogger on this blog then you do have Administrator status and in fact you are the only Administrator of the blog.

    (1) Here’s where you add categories => Dashboard => Manage => Categories => Add Categories
    (complete the fields and click “Add Category” to save.)

    (2) Also, if you have a post going and suddenly need to create a new category “on the fly” here are instructions for doing so.

    (3) A category once added will not appear in your sidebar until two things happen.
    (a) You place your Categories widget in your sidebar; and
    (b) one published post has been assigned to that category.

    (4) This will help you understand blogrolls, links and categories and their relationships.

    (5) And this will help with the set up and configuring of widgets.

    Hopefully this will information will help you. Remember it’s only a machine and software and you are smarter than both so … breathe and read and then post to update your progress again, okay? ;)


    I am the only blogger and I have been to that web site and when I tried it nothing happenned. Thanks so much for your help as I was getting quite frustrated.



    I’m taking some time out but other bloggers on the forum will help you. :)


    Thanks! Update – I have changed the presentation as the old one had no available option for “sidebar widgets”; however, categories even when created on the fly and publishing do not appear and I am even told that I do not have permission to delete a post. I am listed as the administrator so…anyone with some next steps?



    Yes. On the top right hand corner of any blog page you will find a blue feedback button you can click. It will open a dialog pane where you can include as much information as possible to help staff isolate what the problem is and when it occurs. Thereafter they will be able to determine why it’s happening and fix it.
    If you are still experiencing the “posts disappearing” problem too then include that information from here as well.

    I’m sorry your introduction to wordpress has been “rocky”. Hang in there gal and don’t let these ding dong technological glitches get you down. Soon your fingers will be flying over those keys. :)


    I’m having the exact same problem. Every time I try to add a category, a box pops up telling me that I don’t have permission. I have administrator status, and I’ve tried every way I can possibly think of to add a category. I’m getting very frustrated here. Please help!



    This inability to add categories has been a problem for some other bloggers recently but was resolved for them yesterday. Your fellow bloggers answering questions on the forum do not have backend access to blogs and cannot apply technical fixes. As support is not open on weekends you will have to wait and send in a feedback after the weekend ends.

    Which browser are you using please? And what is your operating system? Have you tried logging out, clearing your browser cache and logging in again?


    I’m using MSN. My operating system in Windows XP. Yes, I’ve tried clearing out my cache. Any suggestions please?



    Send in Feedback to staff. There isn’t anything we can do to solve this for you; sorry :(



    Wow, I’m having the same problem. No permission!



    Please read the posts above your own. Clear your browser and if that does not work then send in a feedback to staff.
    windows – ctrl F5
    macs – apple r
    linux – F5



    i am having the same problem as well…no permission…using ie7


    I’ve had this problem since I began blogging in March and have sent in feedback (2) but it has never been fixed – at least on my blog. I use Mac, and found that I have to use Firefox for most blog things, but I have to switch back to Safari to add categories, and I have to do it from the “write” page or I am always told I don’t have permission. I have a PC also, and IE6, IE7 and Firefox on Windows XP tells me I don’t have permission either. I also get the do not have permission when trying to delete a comment or a post as well.

    Since I have found workarounds, I never pursued it any further. Sometimes I think I need a spreadsheet to keep track of what I can do where. :)



    IMO this is valuable information that should be copied and pasted into a feedback and sent to staff.


    Consider it done.



    Thanks :)


    Apparently WordPress is having a system-wide problem. I have the same problem, dumped the cahce, renewed the cookies, and ensured I had administrator status. It didn’t help.

    I thought it might have had something to do with the fact I updated Foxfire so am relieved to hear those using other browsers are having the same problem.

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