Adding Categories – no permission?????

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    Have you tried simply adding the Categories you want on your own posts by typing them into your “tag surfer”? If you do then they turn up as Categories on your blog. Someone else discovered this cheat



    I read that post but believe WordPress is having a system problem. I am unable to categorize my posts in the manner in which I have since I moved to WordPress. I have sent a note to support, as I suppose have many others.



    I haven’t really posted much on my blog this week. When I went to post today, I had the same problem. I generally use Mozilla for all of my internet. But I could add categories using IE. I was also having a problem saving a draft. The only way I could get a post to publish in Mozilla was a text post. I was able to post from IE though. I did send feedback to WordPress already about this. I just hope it is fixed quickly.




    This is a system issue, and it’s one of two or three that just popped up yesterday. Can’t add categories from the post, from the edit post, from the categories dash, nothing. It started happening at the same time my ability to manage comment approvals went all buggy, too. And at the same time posts started disappearing.

    I sent a request to Support – assume they’re looking into it, but haven’t heard back yet.



    I just added a test category fine within this post using Netscape 7.2

    I do hope you folks are sending in specific details when you’re sending in these feedbacks.



    Thanks for getting back to us to report the scope of this problem.



    Try turning off JavaScript (Edit->Preferences->Content in Firefox). If that works around the problems, let us know. We’re unable to reproduce the problems with any of our slew of browsers, including the recent FF update, but I suspect the cookies aren’t being passed through AJAX properly. If things work after disabling JavaScript, that would narrow it down to AJAX.


    I have just received a reply from support. They are aware of the problem and are working on it.

    I appreciate very much that WordPress support responds and couldn’t be happier with the service. I never, ever received a response from Blogger support during their Beta boondoggle.



    I just made a change that “might” help. Since I can’t reproduce the problem, I’m having to take a guess. Let me know if it makes a difference.


    I just received a message from support indicating they had made a change and asked me try again. Whatever was done worked for me.

    Can’t ask for any better service. Thanks.



    i got help from support asking me to use firefox instead of ie7 and it worked like a charm



    Thanks for coming back and sharing the outcome.



    Mine is not working in Fire Fox Says “You don’t have permission to do that.” and I am the Creator.

    Windows XP

    – Josh



    I have the same problem this wordpress account, I had helped my friend create another one and it was fine few days ago.



    The “You don’t have permission to do that” is a known issue when creating categories or links for a small percentage of blog with staff and they are working on a fix for this. I would try logging out, clearing your browser cookies, and logging back in again as a temp fix.


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