Adding Categories to Header in Blaskan?

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    I’m new to wordpress and i need some assistance about a particular issue.

    I am writing posts in two different languages and I want the readers to have easy access to them. I want to add 2 drop down menus in the header (titled: “Articles in English” and “Articles in Turkish”) where readers can click and see a list of the title of each post belonging to each menu.

    In other words, when people click on the “Articles in English” menu, I would like them to see the title of each article I posted in English and the same for the “Articles in Turkish” menu.

    Is this possible? Please help!

    I’m using the Blaskan theme.

    Many thanks.

    The blog I need help with is


    You can do “Category Archives.” Click on a category (“Articles in English” or “Articles in Turkish”) to bring up all posts in the category, grab that address bar link, and add it as a Custom Link in a Custom Menu.



    Or, as was pointed out earlier, there’s an easier way: when you create a Custom Menu, there’s an option to add Catagory Archives into it.



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