Adding category when blogging through flickr.

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    I really like the support for blogging from flickr, it almost makes me not miss being able to use my flicker photos directly from the rich text editor.

    But… is it possible to set what category the blog entry should belong to when doing that? Is there some magic text you can enter into the body of the message?



    Your post almost makes me wish you would explain yourself and tell us what you are doing with your Flickr photos so that we can help you. Since you’ve only been here for two days, chances are you’re doing something incorrect.

    It should be defaulting to your main category IIRC. The issue is on Flickr’s end I believe since it doesn’t use categories. (At least I’ve never seen one over there.)



    Sorry if I was unclear. I use the “blog this” function in flickr to add a blog entry using the MetaWeblogAPI interface, which works great. But all entries get the Uncategorized category, which is probably, as you say, because that’s my default category. Even if I’m able to change the default category, I’d still like to set categories as I send my entries.

    I know flickr doesn’t use categories, or allow them to be set in the MetaWeblogAPI interface, so the only way I’d imagine being able to set the category through the flickr-interface would be if there was some kind of magic keyword you could put in the title or body of the blog entry. Something like “My dog Bowser category:bowser,dogs”, which would set title to “My dog Bowser” and category to bowser and dogs. I think this is what flickr uses to set image tags when uploading images through email.

    Did that make it any clearer what I’m trying to do, or did I just confuse the issue?



    Actually I was suggesting that you expand on the “Not being able to use Flickr pictures in TinyMCE” issue. :)

    Unfortunely, no. I can think of a couple ways to handle it but they all involve hacking the xmlrpc.php file that WordPress uses to do a post like one from Flickr. The MetaWeblogAPI actually does support categories though. (I’m working on converting the BloggerAPI crossposter over here to MetaWeblogAPI just to do categories and a title since BloggerAPI doesn’t support them)

    I did find a thread in the Flickr help forums about the topic but, again, it boils down to hacking the code.

    Best bet would be to send in a feedback and make the suggestion of having a default Flickr category of some sort but I don’t know how well that would go over.

    Good luck,



    Thanks. While I’m procrastinating a big move I might as well elaborate on that other issue too ;)

    I guess it boils down to not having lots of plugins in the wordpress MU here at, so you need to go into the flickr account, select an image, show all sizes, select right size, copy the html-code and then paste it into the html of your current blog post.

    Alternatively you can blog directly from flickr, as I’m now doing, but if you want to do something fancy, you have to edit your post in wordpress afterwards.

    The approach that I’m missing is one I’ve seen screenshots of where you can access your flickr images in a tab next to “Upload” and “Browse All” beneath the TinyMCE. According to this , something like that was once part of, but got removed.



    Ah, OK. I understand now. I had forgotten about it.

    Here’s a thread on it over on the WordPress MultiUser forums. Here’s a post by Andy that spells it out.

    Sorry for the confusion. I’m big on not letting stuff go unanswered around here. :)



    A commendable quality! Thanks again. Hope a plugin
    will surface soon and get added to

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