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Adding clickable credits to the footer

  1. Hello!

    I need to add designer credits as well as a copyright statement to the footer of my blog. Can you please help me. I have added an image. Is there a way to make this image clickable? If not how can I add some clickable text links under the image.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!

    Below is the CSS Code that I am currently using to add the image to the footer: {
    line-height: 20px;
    background: url('') center;
    background-repeat: no-repeat;
    background-position: bottom: center;
    margin: .5em 0 2em;
    padding-top: 10px 0;
    padding-bottom: 10px 0;
    height: 150px;

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I need to add designer credits

    The designer credits already exist in the blog's footer and it's a ToS violation to remove them. Setting that aside you most assuredly are not the theme's designer.

    May I remove credit links such as ‘Blog at’, theme, font, or toolbar links?
    All bloggers are required to maintain the credit links, even our VIP bloggers. Please do not hide the footer credits or the toolbar with CSS after purchasing a Custom Design upgrade.

    ToS section 11:

    Attribution. Automattic reserves the right to display attribution links such as ‘Blog at,’ theme author, and font attribution in your blog footer or toolbar. Footer credits and the toolbar may not be altered or removed regardless of upgrades purchased.

    Another Volunteer will help you place your copyright notice in a text widget and position it by using position absolute. Please be patient while waiting.

  3. I am sorry if I offended. I had no intention of claiming anyones credit for a theme. I have a designer who has designed the graphics and provided custom coding for my theme and I need to add credits for that to the footer of my blog as required by the terms of service.

    Thank you for your prompt response. I'm sorry you have had so much difficulty with people trying to claim credit for what they haven't done. But I assure you I am only trying to give credit where credit is due.

    I will be patient!

  4. a) Timethief is one of our most experienced volunteers, and she simply pointed out a couple of things: she has no reason to be "offended" or "have so much difficulty" over these issues.

    b) To add a copyright statement in the footer area, paste this in the CSS editor:

    .site-info:after {
        content: "your copyright statement here";
        display: block;

    Replace "block" with "inline", if you want the statement next to instead of below the WP credits.

    c) CSS cannot create links: it can only reposition links that would normally show elsewhere. So, if you want a linking image in the footer area, you need to create this in a Text widget, and then we can show you how to make it show up in the footer instead of the sidebar.

  5. Thank you for your reply. I have added the copyright information.

    I have added the following code to the widget that I found on another forum.

    <div style="width:300px;height:135px;border:1px solid #000;"></div>

    I attempted to try the associated code for this, however, it linked to the header area instead of the footer so I am sure that I need to adjust this somehow. Below is the code suggested in that post that I tried to add the link:

    #page {
    position: relative;
    #navbar {
    position: absolute;
    right: 17px;
    top: 30px;

    Again thank you for your assistance in this matter!

  6. You're welcome.

    To display code here, you enclose it in backticks (see the note on allowed markup).

    The code you pasted in the Text widget says create an empty rectangle that links to that blog: that's not what you want - and even if it was, there's no point adding inline CSS in the widget when you have the Custom Design upgrade. Could you please paste the URL of the thread where you found this?

    Inserting images stored elsewhere isn't good practice (for reasons I needn't explain now). So first copy the image to your computer, if it isn't already there, then upload it to your blog via Media > Add New, click Edit, and copy the image URL from the "File URL" field of the Save module. Then use this in the Text widget - just this:
    <a href="BLOG URL HERE" target="_blank"><img src="IMAGE URL HERE" alt="DESCRIPTION HERE" /></a>

    Then we can see how to move it below the other credits (after you remove the CSS you have added).

  7. Thank you again! I have added the suggested code to the text widget.

    I apologize I am not being able to re-find that forum post. It was somewhere on but was trying to create a link in a different place on the page so that is likely why it was not correct.

    Thank you again for your assistance!

  8. @TimeThief - Thank you for your feedback
    I made a couple of adjustments and now my load time is under 3 seconds.

  9. You're welcome.

  10. It was somewhere on but was trying to create a link in a different place on the page so that is likely why it was not correct.

    No, it's incorrect anyway (because all the code should be in the CSS editor, not half of it there and half of it in the widget), so I was curious to see who suggested it.

    Slow page loading time.

    That was because of the (previous) bg image to the blog:
    It's 733KB, so it's obviously not optimized for the web, and 733KB for this image is absurd. What's more, since it's a repeating pattern, there's no point uploading a 1600px high version of it: all you need is a short strip - some 140px or so.

    I have added the suggested code to the text widget.

    Now add this rule to #page:
        position: relative;
    Add this rule to #colophon:
        margin-bottom: 150px;
    And add this CSS:

    #text-5 {
        bottom: 0;
        left: 0;
        position: absolute;
        text-align: center;
        width: 100%;
  11. That worked great. I will look into your suggestion on the background issue to further decrease load times on the site. Thank you very much for your assistance.

  12. Hello there,
    I am using Fireox 21 and I see images and text that are not to the right of the green vertical stripe of the background image. On the left hand side of the pages (all pages) the post tiles, text and the first images in the posts are appearing within the vertical background margin area. Also note the site is once again loading very slowly.

  13. Thank you again! When I checked pingdom I am getting high scores on everything except the section that says that I should: "Remove query strings from static resources".

    Is there a way to do this on

  14. Hi there,
    Sorry but I can't answer your question.

    re: page loading time
    Please click my username. If your blog using the same theme does not load that fast, then know that some people will not wait for all the cutesy stuff that loads last of all to load.

  15. "Remove query strings from static resources".

    Is there a way to do this on

    There is not a way for you to remove query strings from static resources on The query strings are probably actually not on static resources, but the report you're using is still interpreting them as such because of the file naming structure. That particular warning in the report is not one that you need to focus on for a blog.

  16. @designsimply
    I'm using Firefox 21 and I'm seeing a messed up display here >
    I see both text and images overflowing on the left side of the background image in the area that's meant to be a margin with no text in it. I see text overflowing into what's meant to be the right margin of the background image as well.

  17. @timethief, I don't see that. I think you're seeing an issue that only happens if you are using Firefox's zoom options. Can you try viewing it again after selecting View > Zoom > Reset in Firefox?

    That is happening because of the following custom CSS saved for

    body {
    	background-size: 100% auto !important;

    So, keeping it is a tradeoff between a nicer looking background image for responsive design or leaving it out which will work better if users like yourself use browsers' zoom options.

  18. @designsimply
    Hi there,
    My visual issues aren't to do with font sizing. So I'm not using the ZOOM options. I tried Zooming in and then Zooming out and I saw the same thing. I did a reset Crtl +0 no change at all. :(

  19. Okay, I will look into it further tomorrow. If you have time to post a screenshot so I can see what you are seeing, that'd be awesome.

  20. @Sheri: To see what TT is seeing, make the browser window narrower. Lorreasloft have completely ignored the fact that the theme is responsive.

  21. Thanks, @juspi, I see it now!

    I re-checked and the site looks normal to me on my screen: (tested at 1440 x 900)

    However, I see the problem if I reduce my browser window so it is smaller: (1024 x 768)

    It is caused by the custom CSS I mentioned earlier:

    background-size: 100% auto !important;

    But it is up to the blog owner if they would like to style their design for small screen sizes. They can fix it by either removing the background-size property or they could use a media query to remove it just for screen sizes below 1180px wide:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 1180px) {
        body {
    	   background-size: auto !important;
  22. @justpi
    Yay! You saw and understood what I meant.

    Yes, this is exactly what I see

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