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    I’ve been trying to add a 3rd column to my website, i’ve tried with almost every tutorial you can find in this forums, but none of them has worked.

    Maybe it’s because the theme I use, i don’t know.
    I’ve already tried to add a column (left sidebar) on both themes.
    Please don’t tell that it would be easier to just use a 3 column theme.
    I really like the theme i am using right now.
    By the way the theme is: Vistered Little 1
    My website is:

    Please help me with this.




    You need to be over at the Support forums as these forums are for those blogs hosted here at, not for those who host blogs elsewhere. We also run a different code base than what you do.

    I will make the suggestion though that 1) you include a link to the theme that you are using and 2) you list what specifically you have done to make a third column. I don’t think you will get an answer unless you do so.

    Good luck,

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