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adding contact form

  1. Greetings,

    I would like to be able to add a contact form like dr.mikes. I cannot figure out the html code - any help?


  2. forms are not allowed due to security concerns. some of the themes have page templates though and have them built it. take a look at dashbaord -> write -> pages and there's a tab along the right hand side labeled 'page templates'

    someone was doing a review site of the themes. would someone please point this poster to that for me?

  3. engtech is doing the reviews 4 themes at a time. Blix is the theme that has a contact page template.

  4. Thank you

  5. You're welcome. :)

  6. I think some of the other themes have them but I've not made any notes about them.

    *chuckle* Not even on my own WPMu site. :)

  7. I wish we could just put any HTML to make our own contact forms. (Even to allow a redirect HTML would be helpful.) I have another place people can email me (because of my account), so I added a little HTML to my Contact page title. hehe

  8. I wish posters would read the threads they post in. :(

  9. What are you saying?

  10. That there are templates that already have what you've asked for, and Timethief gave you the link to those.

  11. ...and the reasons why we can't add in our own forms or just any old HTML as well.

  12. I went to that link but didn't see templates there. Anyway, I like the way my template looks and don't think that allowing forms html would be a security risk.

  13. You need to read the page that the link takes you to. Whether or not you believe forms HTML is a risk or not isn't going to matter; it's the WordPress team that make those decisions. We've given you a workaround, but you need to read and understand what engtech said in his blog post and what TT said in her reply here, and what Dr. Mike did.

    The solution is there, you just have to read and understand it.

  14. Okay, thank you.

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