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    How do I add content to the calendar widget? I can name the calendar. Can I add data to it as well?



    Thanks for always using the search box and checking current forum threads before posting on your next go round. This time I’ll through you a life line as this has been discussed before very recently. The answer is no. If you hover your mouse over the date the title of the posts you made on that date will become visible. The calendar is not an appointment book – I’s just a calendar. I hope this is clear. G,night.:)



    People who host their own sites can have that type of a calendar as a plug-in. But hosting a site yourself isn’t as easy as I thought it would be though.



    Blogs are made for our visitors to read so I’m guessing that’s probably why appointment book type calendars aren’t standard for blog and instead have been developed as optional plug-ins for those who have their own servers or who have webhosting. However, almost every operating system I’m aware of does have an appointment book type calendar that a blogger can use.



    Maybe this should be in the FAQ as well. :)



    Yes I think you’re right. It’s come up a few times now and IMO it’s probably going to come up again as we get more folks leaving from those other more socially orientated places.


    I found a rough and dirty solution.
    If you’re too desperate, just do the following:

    1. put the standard calendar on the site
    2. view the site and press the right button on the calendar
    3. select “view source”
    4. copy the text from <table id=”wp-calendar”> to </table> into buffer
    5. remove calendar from the site and insert a Text box instead
    6. put the copied text into the text box (second field)
    7. find the “today” item and remove it – current date will not be highlighted anymore
    8. remove all the [a href=”…”] … [/a] – change the brackets to <>

    9. Next, the dates with no events should be in the form <td>1</td>
    10. the dates with events should be in the form <td>[a href=”http://…”]1[/a]</td> – change the brackets to <>
    11. You’ll have to repeat 9-10 every time you insert a new event
    12. You’ll have to repeat 1-12 every month

    It is all actually not that hard, but is still annoying. I hope the developers will
    introduce future events at some stage.

    Meanwhile, enjoy the rough solution and never say “impossible” :)



    That’s cool. A pain but cool.


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