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  1. freedomofexpression

    How can i get the copryright image and phrase alsong with my blog name at the bottom??

  2. Unless you have the CSS upgrade, you can't. And even then, it's hard to do. Put it in a text widget and include it in your sidebar.

  3. It's possible to do it with the CSS? How?

  4. No it's not possible to do it with CSS.

  5. sensuouscurmudgeon

    If you have an "About" page, you can put a copyright notice there. Or in a text widget. I have an "Intro" page and that's where I put it. I think it's unnecessary clutter to include a copyright notice with every post, but opinions vary.

  6. Um, TSP it is possible with CSS. You have to use pseudo elements (which means they are not visible in IE) but it is doable.

  7. With 70 some % of the browsers on the web being IE, my feeling is that pseudo elements are not really an option. 70% of your readers would never see it.

  8. IE8, according to MSDN will support pseudo elements, but final release of it is still a few months away, and it will be probably a year or more before it reaches 50% adoption.

  9. OT, IE8 BETA (152) is right now closing in on the number of "bugs" of IE7 (167). I'm not very optimistic about it.

  10. 1 first:

    Acess Admin Panel, click em Design > Widgets
    Add widget contain this:

    <br /> <div CLASS="copyright">Copyright BLOG NAME © 2008/2009. All rights reserved.</div><br />

    And save.

    Now, click in Edit Css and add this:

    <br /> #footer.copyright{<br /> font-size:11px;<br /> color:black;<br /> bottom:-2px;<br /> }<br />

    And save ^^

  11. (Add Text widget)

  12. Ah, yes. I forgot about that trick.

  13. Raul, when you Add Text Widget, you get two fields of entry. One is the Headline, one is the Body. Where do we put your code? I tried putting it in the body and it shows up in sidebar column (right hand side), But after I add your additional code (#footer...) into CSS, Preview shows me that my columns are now messed up (I took Cutline theme and modified the width to accommodate larger images, and Preview now shows the columns have gone back to smaller width. Also the Copyright is still in Sidebar column, I thought that your method would put the Copyright at the bottom of blog page after the 2d step. Apologies if being dense.

  14. Go to widgets, and add this:

    <br /> <div CLASS="copyright">Copyright YOUR BLOG NAME IS HERE © 2008/2009. All rights reserved.</div><br />

  15. The code to add character copyright is:

    <br /> ©<br />

    And result: ©


  16. Hopefully without going too far off-track: Browser stats. (Go, FF, go.)

  17. Can't you do this with the arbitrary text/html widget?

  18. Oh i know what you mean. I have a copy-write widget on my sidebar just to let people know not to copy.

    The website where you can get a code for these is displayed in the link below:

    You can get a don't copy banner there. please tell me on my blog ( ) if this helps.

  19. I was able to put my copyright at the bottom of all pages by playing with the footer background image with Ocean Mist theme

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