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Adding count to Archives and Categories

  1. After I added a new widget and then had to restore the original widgets, the number of Archives posts and the numbers of Categories posts are missing. How do I get those numbers back? Thanks.

  2. Volunteers do not have backend access to blogs and cannot apply technical fixes. Your blog needs staff intervention. Staff do monitor these threads and will get to you when they can. However, they do need the url for your blog in order to locate it. Will you please post it for them?

  3. I just discovered this duplicate thread If you have resolved your issues then this thread can be marked "resolved" and there will be no need for staff to intervene. Please advise. :)

  4. The problem has not been resolved and I would appreciate help. My URL is Thanks.

  5. I think your blog must be a private blog as when I clicked on it, I couldn't access it to see what you meant. Have you checked in Dashboard > Presentation > Widgets that, when you click on each widget's settings tab, that show post counts is checked?

  6. Nah. The blog isn't private. Between the www and the stray . it dumps you back to the main page.

    But definitely check what cjwriter indicated. If that is checked, you'll need to get in touch with the support staff because it would more than likely be a backend issue.

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