Adding Custom Banner a WordPress Theme

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    I don’t have my blog hosted on my own site yet. Is there a way to add my own custom banner into my blog while it’s hosted on WordPress?

    Someone mentioned something about Regulus, I made it my Theme, but don’t see how to add my own image for the banner…



    With Regulus, you can customize the header. Go to your “dashboard”, then to “presentation”, then to “current theme options”. Under the “Header Settings” there is a URL box. You wil have to make sure that it is the correct size as specified in the Header Settings.



    Thanks…I was about to reply to my own post with my solution…

    I should have searched a bit more as this was actually answered before, just didn’t see it..

    And actually the one I saw that you could edit the banner image was Regulus.

    Thanks though…..Wok



    From what I’ve seen for themes, the idea of manually calling a custom banner like the Regulus theme is a new idea for WordPress. Most themes were created with the idea that one could easily modify the theme but with the WordPress MultiUser system that we run here, themes are shared from one sourse across the servers and that’s a new concept. I have seen theme designers begin to go back and start to modify their older themes to allow this. There’s also a plug in for theme designers to help them do this.

    It’ll take time I’m sure but I have a feeling that more themes will begin to allow this in the future.

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