Adding Custom DNS Records for Mail

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    I’ve repointed my domain to WP successfully 2 days ago. Since I wish to have NetWork Solutions continue to host my email, I’ve added their MX Records in the Custom DNS records section of WP, and everything seemed peachy. But now, 2.5 days later, I’ve started receiving a POP3 error message in Outlook. Could it be that the MX records are just now being propagated???

    On calling Network Solutions, I was provided their CNAME records since the agent seems to think I need these in addition to the MX records. Is this true?? If so, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong–neither the SMTP nor the MAIL record can be validated in WP; it could be the way I’m entering them (I don’t understand your examples with the < > symbols; I”m so not web-savvy) . HELP, Please! This is a business email that I need to resusicate!!

    The blog I need help with is



    Actually I figured this out myself. Putting Network Solutions’ CNAME files into Outlook (rather than WordPress’s advanced DNS settings) did the trick.

    The agents from NS (yes, I spoke to many) did not mention this.


    hi sharonshero,

    i think im having a similar issue with my outlook email
    what do you mean you put cname into outlook?

    where does it go?




    Since my last post I’ve learned how to place the CNAME files into WordPress.
    So now I am not sure if you even need to make the changes in Outlook. Since it’s all working, however, I’ve decided not to experiment and left the CNAMES in my Outlook email configuration.

    Here’s what I did.

    Your MX record should be the first line. On the 2nd and 3rd lines, it’s apparently necessary to type in “CNAME mail” and then your CNAME, so that “mail” appears twice on the 2nd line. Similarly, on the 3rd line, “smtp” will appear twice.
    So it will look something like this:

    MX File
    CNAME mail <yourCNAMErecord>
    CNAME smtp <>

    Replace the outgoing (smtp) and incoming (mail) addresses with the CNAMES. For example, the SMTP was originally, and I changed it to smtp.<my CNAME file>. The same would occur for mail, i.e., is now mail.<my CNAME file>.

    I hope this is clear; I can’t believe I can even begin to explain this.


    hi sharonshero

    thanks for the reply
    i tried changing the custom dns, but it won’t validate in wordpress
    this is how my custom dns looks
    MX 10

    i tried putting it like this:
    cname mail
    but this doesn’t validate

    any ideas?

    many thanks



    I’m so not the person to ask; it looks like you do not have pop account, which is the only sort I am familiar with. I think you should post your question in the forum. In doing this I received an email from a WP support agent who helped me resolve. Sorry!

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