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    I’ve read through some of the FAQ questions but none of them seem to have the answer I’m looking for. On my home page, I’d like to input my own custom hyper links. I’m using the theme entitled Modern. Whenever I create a new blog page inside of WordPress, it’s corresponding link is automatically created and placed on the homepage in a links column. Right now I have a Privacy and About Me page and those links do appear. How can I add new links that will take users to pages that exist outside the blog? I have a shopping cart store front that I’d like to use and would like the links to those pages to appear in this column of links. I’m fairly new to WordPress and I mistakenly put these links in the Blogroll area. I’ve searched through the theme editor but I can’t find any obvious place to add new links. Any suggestions?



    The only way to do it without using the blogroll (you could use a separate category), is to use a text widget (dashboard -> Presentation -> Sidebar Widgets if available for your theme) and put your custom links in there.




    Thank you for that suggestion. I’ll certainly look at using the widget option. As it stands now, I’m using seperate catagories for these new links. The problem I found with that is that some of the ping directories (I think that’s what you call them), use your blogroll for catagorization purposes, and the links I have in the blogroll are not blog related in any way. I sure don’t want to mess up a good thing as far as the ping directories go. I don’t know if all these directories manage their blog lists in this way. At any rate, I’ll explore the widget option. Thanks again.



    If you use widgets for your links, here’s a page that shows the html code to make it into a clickable link. Scroll down until you see < Link >

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