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    I want to add a custom theme to my wordpress blog.

    DO I have to upgrade to do this and if so how do I do that and what do I need to upgrade to?

    Thanks. I am a brand new newbie.



    One more question.

    Can I add a custom header to any of the available themes on the free blog? That would be easiest. I don’t want to get too overwhelmed with what I have to do or what is offerend in an upgrade.

    I like the comfort of having wordpress be responsible for my blog. I would be open to upgrading if they still handled the database and other things behind the scenes.



    (1) is a multi-user blogging platform and the themes you see depicted in “Presentation” have been coded to run on the software here. The themes from are not the same code. The two ( and run on entirely different software.

    You can chose one of the existing themes in “Presentation” and css customize them. You can also use the Sandbox theme to create your own original theme from the bottom up.

    There are several css customized themes made available by fellow bloggers at these urls and Also the links to others can be found in the css forum by using the forum search box.

    (2) In all cases, you must purchase an upgrade to use or create a css customized theme and, in all cases, the upgrade purchased applies to only one blog for for the duration of one year.

    Hopefully this thread from the forum search box about the 3 wordpress options for customization of themes will be helpful

    (3) Although there is no staff support for the process of css customization of themes and some experience with css is suggested there are fellow bloggers who will voluntarily lend a hand.

    (4) Bloggers with css customized themes get the same support as those who choose only to use the ones with customizable headers found in “presentation” (see 5 below).

    (5) Here is the list of “presentation” themes that accept customized headers as well as the correct sizes to make them prior to uploading.
    Purchasing an upgrade is not required to use them.

    (6) If my commentary and the links in the threads I provided you with do not contain the specific information that you believe is the “perfect fit” for your questions then, please post again and another blogger will volunteer to help you.
    HTH :)



    Thank you for your very informative reply! I really appreciate your help.



    You’re welcome. :)

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