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    Hi Everyone

    I’m new to the whole WordPress world but I really need some help trying to do something or even advice on if can be done. What i want to do is link 4 or 5 different WordPress users to one website. Let me explain I have one main website but on that website i want to add say 5 pages for different people. These 5 people already have WordPress blogs, so what I’m looking to do is say Person 1 has his page on the website well I want to add something on his page that will show any posts he makes on his WordPress blog, but this will only appear on his page on the website and not on any other page. It doesn’t have to be his full post on WordPress just something like a feed that will display say the blogs title and then if someone clicks on that they will be brought to his full blog post on his WordPress page. Can this even be done or can you only link one WordPress blog to a website. I looked into the whole setting up a database etc. but would I have to do all that if I only want to add his blog title but not the full blog?
    I went looking and twitter has a little plugin that you just add some coding to your webpage ( that you get from twitter ) and your twitter feeds appear on your web page as you tweet them, does WordPress have any plugins like that?
    I would be really thankful for anybodies help with this.

    all the best




    There is only one page in a blog that will display all published posts in reverse chronological order with the most recent post on top. Upon publication the post will automatically appear in the Archives pages and on the Category pages assigned to the post.

    Please read this entry and understand that post and pages are different.

    If you place an Author’s widget in your sidebar will mean that when a reader clicks the Author’s name all posts they have published will be listed. See here >

    The RSS widget will let you display entries from any RSS feed. If you place RSS feed widgets in your sidebars and enter the URLs for each author’s own blogs then you will have access to their posts. See here >

    Will these resolve your issues?

    I looked into the whole setting up a database etc. but would I have to do all that if I only want to add his blog title but not the full blog? </blockquote.

    We do not have access to the database for our free blogs from and being free hosted by We do not have FTP access either and we cannot upload plugins or themes into free hosted blogs. Moreover, free hosted blogs cannot be embedded into websites; only wordpress.ORG installs can be embedded into websites.

    Please read this entry because I think you will be well served by learning the differences between free hosted blogs like the one linked to your username and wordpress.ORG installs >



    You can do this in the Sidebar using the RSS widget. Just put an RSS widget for each blog in the sidebar.

    And yes, we have a twitter widget too.



    Thanks raincoaster. :)

    Here’s the link for the twitter widget set up instructions >


    Hi Guys

    Thanks a million for posting back. That RSS feed sounds exactly like what I was looking for.
    The thing is when I went to twitter and looked at placing their twitter widget onto my own website ( completely separate from twitter / wordpress etc. ) so that any tweets I make, they’ll appear not only on my twitter page but also as twitter alerts on my webpage. You will see what I’m talking about here:
    Basically twitter just gave me some html code that I had to place on my page and their widget appeared linking the website to the twitter account.

    I guess what I’m asking is does WordPress have anything like that. I went looking through my account / my appearance / widgets and I seen the RSS one there, but that seems to only add RSS feeds from other WordPress blogs to my WordPress sidebar.
    I need to have the RSS feeds appear on my website that links back to the WordPress blog. I understand that free hosted WordPress “blogs” can’t be embedded into websites, just “blogs” from, but is that the same for RSS feed from Can I some how embedded the RSS feed from my Blog into my website?

    Again thank you for all your help with this, and sorry if I seem to be asking the same question over and over again but I would really love to be able to get my head around this.

    All the best




    Yes, the Twitter widget is the one that brings in the tweets. You can’t use the code from Twitter, as it’s stripped out for security reasons. I have the Twitter widget on my blog.

    We can’t really help you with anything but websites. If you have an issue with your external site, you’ll have to go to the support forums for that software or just google the solution.



    Thanks again for your quick reply.

    Sorry if I am confusing the situation. I’m probably not been clear enough.I was only using twitter as an example I don’t want to install it or anything.

    I am not looking to add any codes / html etc. to my WordPress blog or to alter it in any way.

    What I would like to do is to take the RSS feed from my WordPress blog and have that appear on my external website, so that when I post to my blog on WordPress, it will also appear in the RSS feed on my external website and if someone clicks on the RSS feed on my website they will be brought to my WordPress blog.

    I tried looking through the support forums but I can’t seem to find an answer and when I google it I’m just directed back to the support forum here on WordPress.

    Once again thank you for your patience and help with this. Maybe what I’m asking can’t be done but who better to ask then the WordPress community :)

    All the best




    Every blog has two feeds:
    For posts (entries) the format is
    For comments the format is

    The set up of your ability to draw from those feeds on your website is not something we can help you with. Please see here >


    Thanks a million to you both for helping me with this. That link was just what I was looking for. It will allow me to take the feeds from WordPress to my Website. I just have to change to code a bit. Seriously though thank you again you really helped loads.

    All the best


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