Adding “Digg It, StumbleUpon It, it” links to each post

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    Ok. Awesome. Thanks. :)



    > So what has to happen now?!

    oh, nothing special, just what I’ve already said above: you have to add a permalink URL (at the very least) and a post title *manually*, to each post — whether it’s a single addthis big badge or several tiny badges for particular services.

    this has come before quite a number of times and still looks like it’s hard to comprehend the idea that *any* bookmark needs an URL and title.



    set the addthis button in the sidebar. if you visitors are clever enough, when they want to save specific post, they will click the title of the post, and then jump to the page just contain that post, click addthis button in that page. They can save the post now.
    I think that works. But frankly, that’s not convenient for your visitors.



    I have to admit that the solutions here that really work also need some brainwork. i was looking for an easier way out and i have succeeded!

    the above url contains a step-by-step instruction on how to add social bookmarking icons under each post.

    Trust me, if I can do it, anybody can! all you have to do is copy-paste, link and upload. not much cerebral activity involved.

    all the best!



    Learn how to modify the Addthis social bookmarking code so that it works for individual blog posts

    THANKS TO OPTIONS :) :) :)

    btw, the post includes both the original addthis bookmarking code and the modified version needed for blog POSTS. so you can see for yourself what they do!

    ps: it is very very easy! so give it a try if giving your readers to choose from a lot of social bookmarking options sounds like a good idea!



    I think that works. But frankly, that's not convenient for your visitors.

    yes it does work that way. but i would never recommend it. it’s not intuitive.
    if someone is desperate enough to use it, there better be an easy-to-find instruction somewhere.



    I used to place the addthis button at the end of each post and my click throughs on my stats page showed me that some of my visitors had no problem at all clicking it and then adding the post url in manually.

    This is just a friendly suggestion I’d like you to consider. There’s a possibility that by posting links to your own blog into these forum threads you may be interpreted by others as promoting your own blog posts on the support forum. One way to avoid such a presumption from taking root in the minds of other bloggers is to post all the information from your blog post into an appropriate (the most recent) forum thread on this issue and then cross-reference to the other threads. As I said above this is just a friendly suggestion – it’s up to you. :)




    thanks for your friendly suggestion. and i wouldn’t mind doing it your way. but a very friendly and knowledgeable volunteer in wordpress forum once shared with me that it is sometimes better to leave out too many instructions in the forum thread, so that the not so savvy bloggers don’t get confused. that’s the only reason i am linking to the posts.

    besides, i am sure other people share stuff this way too. for example, you linked to sunburntkamel’s bookmarking code post and raincoaster linked to her own bookmarking code post at her runningthroughrain blog. i am aware of these examples :)

    so i hope you understand the situation. besides i know exactly where to promote my blog posts. ;)



    There’s no need to respond to this – thanks for considering my suggestion and best wishes for happy blogging. :)



    It all seemed so easy after reading the info from sunburntkamel’s directions; yet, now after reading every post here I am more confused than ever before. So using the KISS principle if one wanted to have several social bookmarks to increase exposure, and perhaps visitation, what, if anything, can one do?

    A very confused,




    You can either use the script and follow the directions that sunburnkamel provided or visit sanjidas blog and find other social bookmarking solutions there. None of them are elegant or automatic but they do the job.
    Best wishes :)



    Here’s where to get the code from sunburntkamel

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