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Adding Digg This

  1. Is there a possibility to add a Digg This button, badge etc. to your blog? There are codes available from but since they use Javascript it is not allowed in WordPress. Any possibilities to work around this?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. retrogunslinger

    Yep, just search for the Digg Digg plug-in and install it. Then you can add "Digg Button", "Reddit Me Button", "dzone Button", "Yahoo Buzz Button" and "TweetMeme" to your posts. I use it on mine: [url][/url]

  3. retrogunslinger

    And I promptly failed at adding a url... nice...

  4. Try using the same code you use to post YouTube videos, except sub "Digg" in place of "YouTube".


  5. Here's the link to the reference entry for this

  6. Thanks timethief, I wonder if it's also possible to put a Digg button in the sidebar.

  7. You can also try GetSocial:

  8. And did GetSocial also consider the Mac users? Not so social huh :P

  9. You'll be surprised Mr. Mac!

    There is a new cross-platform version of GetSocial, but since I haven't officially launched it yet I won't include the linkā€¦ :)

    You can find it yourself though, somewhere in here:

  10. And it's not even Christmas yet!! :D

    Alright, in that case I'll wait till it gets officially released. Appreciate your work!

  11. It's here!
    GetSocial Live - Social Bookmarking for
    Works with PC/Mac/Linux :)

  12. Thanks, Hillelstoler! I just used GetSocial and I LOVE it! I donated to you, I love it so much. Seriously -- thanks again!

  13. Thank you!

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