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Adding domain

  1. Can I add to my blog? Currently I'm seeing not existing but wordpress says

    Someone (maybe you?) already registered, but the domain is not pointing to

    Is there any way I register it outside wordpress and then map it here?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I need to add this domain. Please guide me.

  3. No! you can not add this ( if no one help you).

  4. @hnsaifi: is already registered by someone else. If you visit the link provided by @timethief, you'll see a list of similar domain addresses that are currently available, e.g. or, which you'll be able to map to your site via Store > Domains.

  5. Oh Thanks Jenia. Timethief did replied me in the thread, so I didn't bother to view this thread.
    However can you tell me please if Pakistan a valid country for Paypal? Or is there any other way to pay?

  6. thistimethisspace

    Please see what Staff (macmanx) has stated here >
    It means you can have a viable blog but you cannot use a credit card from an unpsupported country to purchase any upgrades. There are only two payments options. They are major credit cards and PayPal from approved/supported countries only and Pakistan is not a supported country.

  7. I can't believe this. WTF
    However thanks TT.

  8. I'm sorry the answer wasn't the one you wanted to hear.

  9. Yes it was really discouraging. I took two months classes of CSS basic. Is there any other solution I can upgrade CSS? I mean if I ask a friend to do it for me from a country supporting Paypal?

  10. Yes, that's might the best solution for your problem.

  11. Thanks Kardotim. I'll try it too.

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