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    i am trying to add a domain name to my site, it asked me for my paypal acct info for the 15 credits, got that done, got the confirmation from paypal it had been done, but no confirmation from wordpress, and still unable to add domain because it says i have 0 credits



    Can’t help you here I’m afraid as we’re just low life volunteer scum with no backend access. Best bet would be to send in a feedback from your dashboard with the paypal information and ask for someone to look into it.

    I believe all transactions are verified by staff. That may be what is occuring here.


    is there any way to call them? talk to a human?



    They’re scattered around the planet. There’s no way to call an office number I’m afraid.

    Heck, half of them are probably still asleep since some of them are in the western US. I know Mark’s around as he answered a thread a short awhile ago.



    I was directed to this forum, but this doesn’t at all help.



    And if you’re not more specific about your issue, we won’t be able to help you at all.





    How to contact staff.

    Every blog page has a blue “feedback” button located on the top right hand corner of every admin side blog page. Clicking this button opens a pane wherein a blogger can type a message to staff and then send it in to them.

    * Bloggers volunteering to answer questions on the forum possess a broad range of experience and variety of skills but none, including the Moderator(s), have back-end access to blogs. Only staff can verify receipt of paypal credits.

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