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    Is there some way of either:
    1:adding an email link at the bottom of a post to enable readers to email the posting to someone else, or to email the author?
    2:automatically emailing the post (or a link) to someone who may have expressed an interest or been a motivation for the post (maybe through trackbacks)?

    I’m specifically requesting information for blogs.
    Thanks for any help.
    Ken Perrott



    Thanks for being specific about that! Saves so much time!

    Unfortunately, the answers are No and No. One workaround that people have suggested is removing your RSS feed widget and putting in one directing everyone through your Feedburner account, as I believe that has this as an option, ie they can subscribe by email.




    For reference, it’s called “Send to a friend” usually. You can do it with regular wordpress hosted elsewhere but not here at It’s way to easy for spammers to abuse.


    Thanks for your help – I thought this might be the case

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