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    I have chosen to disallow comments on my blog due to the fact that I use it more as a personal journal. I have also removed any reference to “comments” by revising/removing code from the appropriate pages. I understand there are plugins allowing “me” to email individuals who comment on my posts but I want to allow someone to email me in lieu of a public comment.

    Now….is there any way to add a generic “email me” link at the bottom of a post entry so that if someone wants to contact you privately for whatever reason they may do so via the email associated with the post?

    I do have an email link on my sidebar but again, was primarily interested in knowing if there was a way to add the “email” link to individual posts.




    We do not have plugins at
    Do you have a free hosted blog? Please post a link to the blog.

    (1) At we cannot edit our templates as you claim that you have done above.

    (2) At we have this option for email updates of new posts

    (3) And we can set up a “Contact” page.

    Due to your posts above and the other options you are suggesting I believe you are in the wrong forum. The options you suggest are available only to those who have hired web hosts or who are self hosting on their own servers the software that can be downloaded free of charge from

    That software is different from what we run on here at If you have software then we cannot help you. You are in the wrong forum. The correct one is here



    Sorry….did not realize I was in the wrong forum. My WordPress software is installed and hosted off-site by an independent host. I was aware of your noted options (1) and (2) but they would not accomplish my intent.

    I will post on the forum you suggested. Again, my apologies and thanks for your time and informative response.



    Thanks for returning to say thanks. Please mark this thread “resolved” and happy blogging :)

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