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    Hi There, I’m hoping someone can help me with adding an email subscription Aweber Web Form to my blog. I have the HTML code from Aweber and have added a text widget to my blog. I then have edited the Text widger to include the Aweber HTML Web Form code. However, when I save the changes half of the HTML code disappears from the Text widget box. So my email subscription form doesn’t appear correctly in my blog. Help!

    The blog I need help with is


    The reason the code disappears is that the code they use is not allowed due to security concerns.

    The only “email subscription thing that works here is the one from feedburner which has a plain HTML version with no banned code in it. Feedburner will then monitor your blog RSS feed and when you make a new post they send out emails to everyone that has subscribed.


    If you have the ability to create a separate webpage, you can put the aweber sign up form on that page and link to it from you blog. Mentioning signup at the end of every post if effective.


    If you have the ability to create a separate webpage hosted elsewhere, you can put your aweber sign up form on that page and link to it from your blog. Mentioning signup at the end of every post is effective.



    Putting a link to an site in every post will flag your blog for deletion or suspension, and so is not recommended.



    raincoaster, can you be more specific. Do you mean, if I put links in my posts to places I have been / stayed or am going to, that the blog could be deleted?

    What is the reasoning behind this policy? Where is this information found?

    Lifey who plans to put links in all her trip blog postings


    @yesyoucan, if the awebar code contains “form” code, which if I remember right it does, then it will be stripped out by wordpress due to security concerns. The code has to be plain HTML. No javascript, no forms, no iframes and no flash.



    Thanks guys, so am I right in saying I can’t add an email subscription form linked to my Aweber account on my blog? I really don’t won’t to use Feedburner. Is there not any way around it, that I’m not going to have my blog suspended?



    You can put a link to an external site or subscription of yours in your sidebar with no problems whatsoever. You can’t put a link to it in every single blog post; it’s completely staff’s call, but it’s just too risky in my opinion. You might want to contact them directly and ask them.

    Also, I think we’ve established that the code itself won’t work here. You’ll have to do a plain text link.

    lifey, no, it doesn’t mean that. I have many posts with thousands and thousands of links. It means if staff think that the whole point of your having a blog here is to get people to your website elsewhere, then yes, you might get deleted or suspended. If every post has a link to your corporate site, you’re going to get in trouble. I’ve seen many, many blogs deleted for that.



    I would love some help. I have tried adding e-mail subscription and entered the code from Feedburner but it’s not showing properly. There doesn’t seem to be a blank form or other means for a reader to enter their e-mail address. My blog is plannedgivingblogger

    Thanks! Phyllis



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