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    I need some serious help with all sorts of things, but for starters where do I put embeded codes so they wil show up on my page like the etsy mini I want to post, or why isn’t the embeded code for my ringo account video not show up even if I place it in the URL field under adding media/video. I am lost as to why these things aren’t working and how to get them to be placed in my second column.
    Please someone with more experience and knowledge please help me.
    thank you very much.



    Embed codes are stripped out for security reasons. This is covered in the FAQ. Stripped out formats include iframes, flash, and javascript.

    If you want to use video in a format that is not approved, put it in a Vodpod widget in your sidebar. If you want to use Etsy code, you’ll have to find a non-javascript version. I know uses Etsy here at



    Thank you. Since I know nothing and understand nothing about code and such this led to quite a bit of frustration. thank you for taking the time to help me out with this.

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