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Adding Event Calendar to my site

  1. First off, I'm a total noob. I have my site up and running, but there are a few additions that I'd like to make and I don't know if they're possible.

    I'd love to add the Event Calendar widget, or something comparable to my site. I found this one, but there's no way to upload it.

    I did purchase the edit css option for my blog, is there anything I can do using that?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to your blog to be able to help. I assume it's since you mention purchasing the CSS upgrade; you are aware there's no official support for CSS here, yes?


    Yes, it's .com, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to migrate over to .org. I wasn't aware of the non-css support. Now I know.

    If migrating is the case, I would just need to purchase server space and migrate everything I've done to that, correct?

    Like I said - Noob! :-)

  4. has countdown tickers that work with They're basic but do the job.

    As for migrating, you need to buy a domain name, hire a host, install the software, install a theme, import whatever you have here and then maintain your site. If or when something goes wrong, it's your problem.

    And you're not going to be tutored in CSS at Troubleshooting, maybe, but you need to do some of the lifting too. There are many resources for learning the basics, including a link or two from the CSS editor in your dashboard and the many resources in the stickies here:

  5. Cool. Thanks for the info. Might have to suck it up.

  6. You're very welcome and yeah, you might. Meantime, check out tickerfactory. :)

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